AI in Molecular Biology — Introduction


I’m Debi, a 16-year old high school student from Istanbul, Turkey. I greatly enjoy learning, playing the piano, and working on STEM projects. Ever since I visited Nvidia in Santa Clara a few years ago, I’ve been captivated by the endless implications of AI. Over time, by my progressing interest in Biology, I was more and more interested in AI in healthcare.

My first experience with Artificial Intelligence was this summer, in AI Scholars. I would define the program as an insightful, intriguing, engaging community filled with students who had the same interests as mine. Since I took the Beginner/Intermediate program, the first week consisted of Introduction to AI lectures where we discussed and learned about AI concepts in the first halves, and made coding exercises in the second. Everyone chose the subject of their interest for the second week, and my preference was “Medical Imaging to Detect Pneumonia”. My instructor was Jonathan Mak, and I truly appreciate that I had the opportunity to work with him. As a group, we conducted a machine learning system that detected Pneumonia cases from X-ray scans. We provided X-ray scans with labels with whether the cases were diagnosed with pneumonia or not, which is an example of supervised learning. We completed our project successfully, and I was proud of my progress throughout the program.

Over the course of the following weeks, I plan to talk about AI in healthcare. While there are many implications of AI in healthcare, my blogs will be concentrated on Molecular Biology. In three blog posts, by going on a deeper spectrum as the weeks pass by, I aim to discuss the topics: AI in disease diagnostics, drug development, and gene sequencing and editing. I will be informing and talking about their concepts, possible projects, and how they’re being implemented in healthcare in the day.

I believe that anyone interested in AI developments, healthcare fields, or STEM developments will be intrigued by my blog posts.

I hope that you all find my blogs interesting and informative. Thank you for taking your time :)

Debi Ahitov is a Student Ambassador in the Inspirit AI Student Ambassadors Program. Inspirit AI is a pre-collegiate enrichment program that exposes curious high school students globally to AI through live online classes. Learn more at




Technovation Girls Student Ambassador

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Debi Ahitov

Debi Ahitov

Technovation Girls Student Ambassador

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